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11th September 2010

Almost cat-astrophy!

Annie, our lovely and trusted vet who works with her partner Nicholas next door to us, has just told me the silliest story….

Ruth, the wonderful lady who runs PARC and rescues animals in the area, took me to the recovery room in the vet office whilst Annie was busy with a poorly animal. There was a beautiful cat, who’d just had an operation but who was the friendliest cat I’ve ever met. Ruth and I were discussing who we knew who could take this animal – I suggested Sue coz her garden is like a cat paradise- when Annie came in laughing and asked if Ruth had told me the story.

Apparently, when Ruth dropped the cat off and asked Annie and Nicholas to “neuter her”, they planned their day, started to do the necessary – and discovered this poor animal didn’t have any female parts internally – which it wouldn’t have done – coz its a boy!

Laugh?! I almost considered taking my animals elsewhere but only for a nanosecond. Annie and Nicholas are angels…..

But I’m serious about delivering this animal to the SF and TGR sanctuary later!

Category: Cyprus Villas News