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10th May 2017

Almost a walk!

The days are so very hot now that the best time to walk the furry gang, is after 7pm as the sun has almost set and the air is cooler.

I take it in turns to walk Molly Mou then Barney T Rubble. Molly is fast, fit and loves to run up the very steep hill next to our house but she is fairly easy to keep up with. Barney T Rubble is another matter! He’s huge, happy to be out – but hates cats!

Now, someone has told the feral gang who live on our hill, that Barney gets the later walk because, for the past few evenings, one of them has been hiding in one of the bushes which line the hill and has jumped out to give Barney and I a shock! Tonight, it was cat warfare!

We no sooner got around the corner from our home, where the steepest, hardest to walk part of the hill is and Harry Cat shot out to scare us. But he didn’t move. He just sat in the middle of the road, just up from us, stuck his tongue out and summoned two kittens who were in position in the pampas grass. I nearly lost my arms trying to hold onto Barney T Rubble! He didn’t know which way to run first – so tried all of them and I went with him……

Deciding to return straight home rather than risk being even more ”out in the open” and at the mercy of the pussy cat gang, Tony commented, “”you weren’t out long””…….grrrrrrrrrr!

come and meet the furries and the feral gangs who live in the Peyia hillsides. For villas and apartments with lovely walks around them, email to . Best foot forward though – they are going quickly!


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