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1st January 2010

Almost a duvet day!

It all started so well: Tony brought me a mug of tea to bed, where I lay and listened to Peyia village bells tolling out their early morning, “Come to church, come to church, everybody come to church”……

Tony and I chatted about the day ahead then, wallop! Alfie sprang the bedroom door open and in came Molly, Charlie , Alfie – then Jake, who came in at full pelt and dive bombed the bed!

It is really difficult moving when you’ve a 10.5 stone (sorry,don’t do “new money” yet!), puppy; snuggling cat; cuddly Molly Mou and laid back Alfie lying on top of you. The animals were in heaven! They tried to roll around on the duvet but Jakes sheer size prevents too much movement. Jake just wanted to be cuddled and have his tummy tickled. Molly wanted to “snog” (her favourite doggy thing!) and Alfie was totally chilled out just staring out of the window towards Coral Bay.

Charlie did his normal, “search for bingo wings and nuzzle” thing – and my tea got cold, so I resigned myself to a duvet day.

Course, just got comfortable and one of our lovely villa owners knocked on the front door, which started a stampede of animals downstairs to check out the visitor …..and the moment was ruined!

What did I do? Stayed in bed and waited for a hot cuppa to arrive of course! It is Friday (paraskevi, in greek)! (Which translates as, ” Don’t do anything you don’t want to do unless for a very good reward”, day!……………well, it doesn’t really but it did today!).

Category: Cyprus Villas News