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1st January 2010

Alls fair in love, war and gardens……

Charlie cat is stalking a lizard. The lizard is stalking a big spider and is unaware that he is being stalked by Charlie.

Jake is stalking Charlie, who is fully aware of his big hairy predator and keeps turning around and “giving the paw” to Jake, to tell him to go away.

Jake is thrilled with the playfight and is beginning to get more animated by the second. The lizard looks like it wont hang around and Charlie looks ready to beat someone up if he doesn’t get it.

The butterflies are happily playing on the shrubs, Alfie is asleep and Molly is on the thinking step with me as I watch the crazy carry on of monster pup and honorary dog….

It will all end in tears- but I don’t think it will be those of the lizard!……

Category: Cyprus Villas News