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1st January 2010

All you need is love…………

I woke up this morning feeling very weepy after a troubled nights sleep battling demons, both real and imagined. The few days back in the office have been wonderful were it not for ghosts of a stupid business decision hanging around us in the background – but such is life. (You learn more from your mistakes than your successes, they say!).

Molly Mou, who sleeps on my feet every night (I know, very naughty), saw that I’d opened my eyes and bounded up the covers to shower me in her morning kisses. She is very affectionate at the best ofheader=All you need is love…………, I woke up this morning feeling very weepy after a troubled nights sleep bath her paw as if to say, “Its fine. I’m here. Let’s play. Have kisses…..”

She is the most adorable little dog who has the heart of a lion and the strength of a bear. Jake gets away with nothing : she’ll just bite his ankles and Alfie, her best pal, receives little snuffles and kisses whenever she walks past him. Charlie cat adores her too – probably because Molly loves the heat and Charlie snuggles into her to keep her warm, which suits them both …….

All of our friends and family love her and go home wanting ” a Molly”…………we are so lucky she decided to live with us…

So, things aren’t so bad! Molly is living breathing love, hope and sunshine. Thrown from a car in front of us 3 years ago, she lived to wag her tail , finding our house and moving in with us 5 days after the horrible incident. She is full of trust, life and always, always busy, investigating every noise, movement – oh, and beware: every sneaky “human wind passing” is checked by her too:with her rushing to the embarrassed offender then trying to “trace” the path of the “missile”.

Three cups of tea, many, many Molly cuddles later, I’m back on track but thanking god for this little hairy bundle of love.

All you need is Molly, I reckon!

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