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1st January 2010

All shell be revealed!

What a busy week! Half term for many people so villas such as Melissa, Aarabella , Bella and Aphrodite are bursting at the seams with guests. Karens Sunshine Villa, also in Coral bay, is full of a family of lovely sisters, who were off to St Georges bay last time I saw them, to light a candle in memory of their Mum, Doris.

Peyia is equally busy: Villa Lily May, Caliteri and Pano Lofos have happy people within and more are due today – so I’m going to snooze before the midnight plus checkins tonight (though Tony is trying to make me feel better by telling me the clocks go back so the checkins aren’t as late as I think!)……All good fun!

Keeping me going this week , has been an overload of one of my favourite foods: scrambled eggs on smoked salmon on brown toast. Tonys completely cookie but wonderful Aunt Carole and Uncle Mike, introduced me to this a few months ago – and I love it! I’ve eeked out one packet of smoked salmon and enjoyed the week of ‘treats’!

Mind you, have just read that there is something in eggs which promotes ‘a feeling of trust’ so now am thinking that gorgeous Carole and Mike are MAKING me eat eggs so that I’ll trust them/love them more (which isn’t possible – am crazy about both of them) – but suspect they want to come back to stay!

Clever move by them but they are ALWAYS welcome – and can even help me with the early hours checkins if they feel so inclined!

Trust? Got to be a ‘yoke’…

Category: Cyprus Villas News