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1st January 2010

all in an evening

We had a great afternoon yesterday, watching rugby with Wayne (south african) and Karen (English) and a crowd of friends.

Looked like the Lions were going to win but it didn’t quite work out that way at the end.

Piling back to our house, with pizza and kebabs, the heated debate continued about the game, life and the universe. Tony decided to make us fruit dips with zambucca – and tried and dropped the burning zambucca up the voiles in the kitchen which promptly burst into flames as did the kitchen floor where the stuff fell

Thankfully , no-one was hurt and the fire was put under control quite quickly.

As it was a lovely Cyprus evening, we all sat by the pool later on and chatted. Karen (Mikes Karen) went upstairs to the kitchen, lost her footing and fell head first, 10 feet onto our concrete paving…………… was awful.

Am ambulance, 3 hours of tests and a lot of fright later, she was back home as were we and thank god, was fine.

Today she is bruised and sore but grateful that she is walking and moving without broken bones.

We second, third, fourth , fifth and sixth that – what a night!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News