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13th August 2016

all in a days work…..

Well , there are days when you’ve really just got to take a breath and smile through. Days when the smile really can turn into hysterical laughter at any moment, which would be so much the wrong thing but it’s very difficult to check! Let me share a few highlights of my work with you:

1. Telephone call from holiday guest to us: “I’m trying to order a pizza and cannot get through. Will you order for us?” (us): “which number are you dialling?”, “The freefone number 7777”. (us) “Ah. That’s only available on a local Cypriot phone. You’ll need to dial the full local number, including code because you are on a UK phone “. “No, I’m not. I’m here in the villa in Coral Bay and my phone is with me in Cyprus”……

2. Cooking lesson: Call to us :”I cannot cook my sausages”. (us)” Why sir, what is the problem?”. “Well, there is no grill to put them on and nothing to catch the fat”. (us) “do you have a baking tray? Yes, well put the sausages on the shelf of the oven above the baking tray and let the tray catch the fat”. “But they feel through the shelf spaces”, (Us) “well, why not turn them around the other way?”……..

3. Guest in supermarket asks me: “What does a cucumber look like in Cyprus?”

…Now you know why I drink! (and why I love my job so very much).

Come to Cyprus. It’s great fun! Rent a villa with clean pool from us and ask me anything you wish. There is a prize for the best question asked! Email to

photo latchi july 2

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