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1st August 2011

All Aboard! Fast as you like!

I am just researching flights here for some lucky guests coming from France to Villa Iremia and I’ve remembered a lovely story which our friends recounted to us a few days ago.
Caught up in the Festive snow at Manchester airport, Karen and Wayne had to endure, alongside the other passengers, a long delay then the eventual breakdown of a flight- but the airline were wonderful and spoke to another company who offered their airline
Replacement aircraft and staff in place, the travellers were called in order ie those who’d pay the “priority boarding” fee, to the frong and allowed to board the BUS first. Then came the rest of the passengers…..
So, on arrival at aircraft, those who hadn’t paid the extra, were off the bus first and those who had, either looked on in amazement or practically rugby tackled their fellow passengers to the ground to get past them and claim the first seats….
Thankfully all arrived here safely on the same plane – but I’d love to read some of the letters which are supposedly being compiled to send to the first airline!
People! Wonderful!

Category: Cyprus Villas News