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5th September 2019

Alien territory?

What’s in a dream? Great question – especially after the dreams I’ve been having this week!

Take Tuesday night: as I was explaining to Tony as he woke up on Wednesday morning, the Aliens came to see us I the office and made a proposition that, in return for taking me to Alien Land (?) for 5 years, during which time I’d have no contact whatsoever with Tony, family , friends or work, all of Tony’s problems would be resolved happily.

Which I suppose they would be if I wasn’t there?…..

Anyway, they also showed us that the way to deal with the team , was the way with deal with inflatables by the pools ie deflate them every evening and inflate the ones you want, the next day! Simple!

So breakfast time on Wednesday , was a huge debate (me) about should I have gone with the Aliens and go to another planet for the next 5 years – and Tony’s input was, “”Well , you’ve been on another planet for the last 36, so what’s the difference?”…….( am looking for his deflate trigger now)……

If you have happier dreams, which include coming to Coral Bay or Peyia for a villa holiday in the winter sunshine or during 2020, email to If I have beamed off anywhere, I’ll ensure someone sensible looks after you – though surely the Aliens have wifi?

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