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1st January 2010

Alfies tale ……….

We are “home alone” at the moment coz the people parents are in the office. I enjoyed writing to you yesterday so I’ve stolen this machine again and am pawsed for thought about what to tell you!

We aren’t really home alone: Beth, who is a friend of ours and a very nice people, is here helping to hide things from us (people call it “tidying up”). We like this game because, as soon as Beth finishes, Jake and I run wild, diving on the beds and pulling the pillows off. Jakes sometimes piddles – and Molly ALWAYS piddles (I think she gets frightened of Jake running around because he is so big).

At the moment, I’m typing this downstairs and Beth is upstairs so she doesn’t know what we are planning. Jake is snoring and chasing something in a dream and Molly is curled up with Charlie cat on the back of the settee. I’ll have to be quick in case Beth comes down and catches us………but I think she’ll just laugh!

We had tuna again for breakfast, mixed in with our food. Its really good and is making my coat very shiny. I’m very handsome (everyone says so) but am also “distinguished looking” according to my Granny person. This is because my beard is now silver – bit like my Dad persons head (why doesn’t mother have these silver sparkles? Her hair is more green flecked from chemicals (whatever they are!) ).

Whoops, people are coming – better get off the machine!

Category: Cyprus Villas News