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1st January 2010

Alfies been stitched up

Alfie has had a terrible day, poor dog. Yesterday, he had his stitches out – and we were given the news that the lump he had removed was cancer, so we were very upset.
Overnight, the wound burst and Alfie had to go back to the vet to be stitched again. By lunchtime, the new stitches and staples had come out. So Alfie had to go back again to be stitched – again.

He is such a wonderful dog, he has taken everything in his stride, looking more concerned about how we are feeling rather than how he is. He is such a special animal but is breaking my heart.

That said, he’s here, fighting and much loved, so thats all good.

Dr Jake and Nurse Molly remain in attendance, assisted by Charlie cat, so Alf is in good paws. The way his tail is wagging, I think he’ll see us all out!

Lets hope so!

Category: Cyprus Villas News