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1st January 2010

Alfie is in credit

Tony took Alfie to have a pamper day on Tuesday. It has got so very hot here that Alfie has been suffering a little in his huge warm coat – and he really loves being pampered.

Alfie and Tony called into the office on the way down the hill and both were in fab form: Alfie, looking forward to his treat and Tony, excited coz the new Peyia football team were being chosen.

The day went well until, on the return trip home from the doggy salon, Tony took a few phone calls which caused him to slow down for a while so he could concentrate then our truck eventually pulled up outside our house, Tony opened the back – and Alfie wasn’t in the car……

Panicking, Tony retraced his steps back down the hill to the village. Just approaching the awful corner under the big church, on the busiest bend for traffic, is the Bank of Cyprus – and there, sat on the steps of the bank, was Alfie.

He must have thought he was home when Tony slowed down and was excited about being back with his gang. The fright he must have got when he jumped out of the truck, it drove away and left him in a place he didn’t know , must have been totally terrible for him.

I think he got scent of me near the bank, where I’d just been and decided to wait around there for me to come back. The people in the bank were too terrified to come out – so Alfie went in when the door was opened! Eftyhia was terrified of him and “shooed” him out – so the clever dog just sat down and waited – and Tony found him.

I cannot even contemplate what might have happened and just thank god he was safe and that he is a totally sensible and lovely dog. Jake would have caused havoc!

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