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20th April 2021

Alfie Dog – International Traveller!

Alfie was found on the stretch of the M62 between Goole and Howden, on a Saturday morning over 2 decades ago.

According to the person who found him, he wasn’t too perturbed about being there and simply wagged his tail and ”smiled” at the man who picked him up and took him to safety at the local vets.

Meanwhile, in  a small cottage in Bubwith, Henri-but-your-not-staying , a very silly but loveable Old English Sheepdog who’d been rescued a few years previously and was now VERY MUCH staying with his people, despite his name – was waiting to go to the vet for a checkup.

This particular Saturday, Henri didn’t want to nip to the Saturday morning local vet in Howden so he ”talked” his me, his ”person”, into putting him into the car later that day and taking him to Goole vet.

But they were shut when we arrived!

However, Rebecca, the nurse was on duty and came to the door, concerned that Henri may have a problem, not least because he’d travelled further than he should have done to see a vet. I explained that all was well and that Henri simply needed a checkup, we’d come back (to Howden) on Monday – but asked her what on earth was wrong with the dog who we could hear barking frantically, from the back room.

She took us to meet Alfie…………He and Henri fell madly in brotherly love and to cut a lot of conversations/promises to return Alfie to her if his ”people” turned up , (he wasn’t chipped), Alfie came home to Bubwith with us…..


After Henri passed, at the age of 12, Alfie, his sister cats and we, came to live in Peyia. With pet passport firmly in place, Alfie became an International Traveller and loved every second of it! His tail never stopped wagging! He swopped the fields and rabbit chasing of Yorkshire for the rugged hills and coastline of the Peyia region – and fast became a local celebrity dog.

A German Shepherd/Collie cross, this beautiful animal had the soul of a true ”gentleman”. Everyone he met , was greeted with a wagging tail and need to be close to them. The mountains of Troodos and valleys and villages, knew the happy dog who joined his people and loved adventure. When Molly found us, this little and large twosome became inseparable – and even the rescue of Jake, our first, completely dysfunctional Akita couldn’t break up the spirit of this loving family.

….and it came to pass that Rebecca , who had been adopted and only just found her real father, was on Cypriot descent! So she came to visit Alfie in Peyia and a circle was complete. Alfie taught his brother and sister dog to swim in the sea and to eat ice-cream at Chix Chox in Coral Bay.

Having so very much animal love in our home and lives, helped us settle here quickly and happily.

Inevitably, life and illness ”do their thing” and Jake passed with a brain tumour at the young age of 8, only to be followed by Alfie , aged 13, who’d battled cancer stoically for a few years before then.

Molly lived on, to be joined by Barney T Rubble a few years later then she too, aged 17, took her angel wings and flew to meet her beloved furry family over the Rainbow Bridge.

I watch the patio and see the gate which Alfie guarded so very proudly and happily. I remember his energy, love and sheer joy of all things human, animal and adventure. He was a true gentleman of dogs, whose first love was his people but whose love of all people shames those who ever think of hurting an animal or ignoring their soul.

Watching this beautiful beast going from young puppy to distinguished, grey faced old dog, was a privilege – and one I will always hold in my heart. Peyia gained a special furry angel when Alfie dog passed over – and I pray he has the role of settling the ”newbies” into their international life.

Be happy.

”wag your tail” , even in the worst of circumstances! Who knows what joys are coming your way!