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5th May 2019

AI Office in Peyia?

As a woman of a certain age, I’m not exactly ”all over” technology! It was only in recent years that I learned to text – must to the amusement of my husband –  and friends laughed at me when I thought the trendy term, ”romcom”, was a computer which could be taken anywhere………..

However, with the years, comes the appreciation of good manners and good old fashioned respect – so I was a little upset in the office this week when the machines seemed to be ”answering back!”‘

First, the printer, which was being particularly awkward, began to bring up a sign, ”improper shutdown” – and simply refused to print! I talked nicely to it, noted the comments it was flashing at me in a very aggressive way  and turned it off, gently and with care, then back on again, thanking it in advance for it’s service!

Phew! We got printout!

BUT I then went to transact a credit card payment and the cheeky machine said, ”transact it bitch”! I was horrified – till I put my specs on and realised it said, Transacting Batch……..

Seems with age comes loss of vision and common sense. Perhaps machines will take over the world!

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