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1st January 2010

Ahoy kitty!

On Thursday evening, Tony and James took a boat out in Latchi, straight from work for an hour. Just as they were leaving the harbour and moving into open waters, a huge black cat appeared from under the front seat of the boat and promptly jumped overboard and began swimming for shore!

Knowing it was too far for the cat to swim, Tony turned the boat around and James prepared to lean into the water and grab the cat…….which he did and for which he got bitten by the cat!

They returned to shore, with the cat back hidden under the seat and they went to sit in the nearby bar for a beer. Hearing a funny noise, they realised the ship to shore radio was still on- and the cat was ‘talking’ to someone – probably bemoaning the fact that he’d gone out fishing and a person had stopped him!

Category: Cyprus Villas News