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8th October 2019

After work activities!

In my past life, all I really thought about was work! Every hour of every day, I was consumed with planning/scheduling/driving/meetings/ results etc – and now, I’m not QUITE so bad! I still work 7 days a week but do fit in time for me.

Mind you, if someone had asked me to predict what I’d be doing after work, last nights activities were not on the list….

Pulling up in front of the house, I was greeted by Brucie, one of the 4 feral cats who’ve decided , ”my house is their house”. Normally, he and the gang are there are 5 pm , screaming for tea and I was a little earlier than this but he was there.

I noticed though, that we wasn’t shouting: he was too busy fighting with a snake! OMG! He had an adder – or rather, it was climbing on him, then rearing up and trying to bite him. Silly cat was trying to bite him back – which would have led to death for both of them, with the snake first and Brucie, a good, few, painful hours later!

I’m terrified of snakes but I couldn’t let this lovely cat be poisoned so, without thinking, I waded in with a huge stick, flicked the angry snake far enough away to get hold of the cat then used the stick to throw the snake down the hill…….

Brucie then started shouting for food and, when I checked on him later, he was fine. I was a little nervous when I walked Barney last night, in case the adder had gone to find some friends and was waiting for me – and I’ll certainly look twice tonight when I park!

Suddenly, going home to iron, cook or clean, doesn’t seem so bad!

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