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1st January 2010

a wonderful day!

Christmas Day was filled with sunshine here in our village of Peyia. Walking the dogs on the clifftops early in the morning, we were reminded how lucky we are to live on such a gorgeous island. The dogs had a ball: each were clean and shiny and all, were fussed over by the walkers who were enjoying the views.

Lunch (well early dinner), went to plan without any mishaps (though I’m excluding my very poor results from homemade roasties!) and our friends were wonderful! It was great having Susie Floozey, The Great Raymondodoulou, AJ, Jean, Karen and Wayne with us: thanks to them, we had a truly lovely day.

The highlight for me was Susie asking if she could have a large GnT coz her wine was “too strong”!………..she’ll not live that down for a while: Gin bottles in her house, make max 3 “small” gin n tonics on a good day – 2 on a very , very bad one!

Tony, who is a great chef, handled the starter and the meat. I looked after the vegetables and made sure their drinks were full………..couldn’t resist it, sorry!!

In all, a great day though I admit to missing the wrinklies who, now back in UK, were spending their day with great friends, Ken and Mary. Ken is a trainee magician and Tony is hoping he made Mum disappear…………….no, not joking, I suspect.

Anyway another Christmas Day passes and the days roll on. Here’s to this being a peaceful time where broken hearts can mend, loneliness can be washed away and illnesses, cured. Pollyanna? Definitely but maybe if we all thought the same way, things could always be as special as they were for us yesterday.

Wishing you all a special Boxing Day night and great friends like the ones we are lucky enough to have here. (If Susie is reading this, I hope she hasn’t had too strong a glass of wine or she might throw up!)


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