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1st January 2010

A Well Constructed Wedding Day!

Charlotte, our team and I had a lovely afternoon yesterday. Gemma married Gavin at the Peyia Municipality Gardens – and it was a great occasion. Gemma looked lovely; her Dad very proud and handsome in his waistcoat and cravat – in fact, the whole wedding party looked the part with beautiful bridesmaids and well dressed guests: plus everyone smiled their way through the proceedings!

Gemma kindly let me bring Charlotte to the wedding and even let this giggly 7 year old stand in on one of the official wedding photos -which was appreciated very much! Charlotte hasn’t stopped talking about the day!

There was a moment though, when I saw my life flash before me: planned for a 2pm service, we were all gathered quietly at 1.58pm awaiting the arrival of the Mayor, who officiates over the services – and he didn’t arrive. Within a few minutes, one of the Peyia Municipality gardeners came down the steps,closely followed by our friend Stelios, local steel man who helps constructs the many new houses in the area.

Stelios smiled and greeted everyone, shaking my hand enthusiastically – then went into the pergola and began to conduct the wedding service! I thought it was a bad joke until I realised that he was joined by Maria, secretary of the Municipality and organiser of the paperwork for weddings. Gemma and Gavin were actually being married by our friend, the steel construction man!

Thankfully, I learned later that Stelios officiates in times of overload on the Mayor – and yesterday was such a time! No-one was wise to the panic and nothing collapsed during the service, so Stelios did his job!

My job done to, with the day nicely put to bed, I had a huge drink and laughed at the quirks of this wonderful village! Where else in the world?……..