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24th August 2014

A welcome meal?

As I was going from lovely holiday villa to lovely holiday villa yesterday, checking that all was ready for arrival and putting the ‘final touch’ that is the welcome pack into the villas, I remembered a very funny experience with food and thought I’d share it with you:

In a ‘past life’ in the UK, I had the great honour to be MD of a group of commercial radio stations, one of which was in the beautiful city of York. As was our way, from time to time, we invited the local ‘movers and shakers’ to enjoy lunch or high tea with us at the radio station – something that they loved, coz they got to ‘see how its done’ and we loved coz we go to know these people better and were able to understand what they were hoping to achieve for the City.

On one such occasion, the Mayor and Mayoress, joined us for tea. It was very exciting watching their limo pull up then asking them to join us in the Board Room ,which was on the upper floor. My secretary, who was the most wonderfully eccentric and lovely lady, had done us proud. The high tea was very typically English and the table looked pretty.

The format was easy: tea, chat then tour. But the Mayor had other ideas and asked if he’d be able to have a look around first , giving his ‘huge lunch’ as he called it, a little time to settle. So, off we went for the (approx. 40 mins) tour.

Getting back to the Board Room, we all were anticipating a good old cup of tea and sandwich then cake – but they’d all gone! The sales team, whose office was next door, thought tea was ‘done’; that we’d finished and that the Mayor would leave after his tour- so they’d piled into the Board Room and eaten it all! Oh how we laughed! And thankfully, the Mayor laughed the loudest!

Now, when I put the welcome packs of food and goodies into the villas, I just remind the housekeeping team that the NEW version is there, not the old bits that someone may have left…….just in case!

If you’d like me to shop for a welcome pack for your chosen villa, please email to me on and let me know if you prefer red or white wine.

The photo attached is a welcome site: its the walkway up to Coral Rosa villa: very pretty and a great ‘display for a welcome