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1st January 2010

A wake up call

Karen and Wayne arrived safely on Friday night – and we haven’t stopped partying! I’m shattered- and even the animals look a little jaded this morning , (though that may simply be my dodgy eyesight today!!). We’re celebrating:

– TiggaVille is well under construction and is looking fabulous

– Tony and I start our 6th year of happy life here today

– Animal family is growing and thriving

– and Jake stole and ate the gorgeous chocolates that Karen and Wayne bought for me!

Why am I celebrating the latter? Well, the big silly puppy has saved me from myself. Saved my hips from further abusive- and now I dont have to wressle with my guilt over hiding said chocolates from Tony!!

Last night, we celebrated a little too well and are all suffering today. In fact, Wayne has only just surfaced and karen hasn’t yet. Its noon here, though only 10am in UK but I suppose somewhere in the world, its still night time, so Karen can sleep on happily.

Jake has been upstairs twice to try and wake Karen. He’s snogged Karen and snuffled her feet – and is probably totally responsible for Wayne being up and about……

Anyway, we were also celebrating the rugby too!! We were meant to go to Peyia to watch the footie but couldn’t make it coz of the rain…….and the pull of the Jail!!

Happy days

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