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1st January 2010

A very long day….

We took Alfie dog to the vet this morning
to have another operation to remove a second tumour. Its been 5 hours and 33 minutes since we dropped him off so I’m a little nervous now though I trust Ani and Nicolas totally.

They both love Alfie and now how much he means to us but as Ani said to me this morning, this is cancer and they can only remove the tumour, not clear the disease……

I had a beautiful dream last night: in it, I was with Alfie and he was just preparing to start his journey to the angels but, as he stood up to leave, his spirit jumped to my side and waited with me, telling me he’ll never leave us…..

All a bit “heavy”, I know but sometimes you just have to have faith and believe that, even when you cannot see love, its still there around you. Whatever stage Alfie is at today, he is certainly surrounded by our love and we just want him home.

Will let you know …

Category: Cyprus Villas News