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1st January 2010

A Very Important Mission……..

Each day is so interesting. Coming into the office, we’re never sure who is going to ring about what and when – but todays early morning mission was wonderful!

James, aged 9, lost his prize possession yesterday: his best friend, Barney Bear. James and his Mum moved from one of our apartments in Peyia to a villa in Coral Bay – and Barney got lost in the move

After a sleepless night, james’ mummy rang me first thing to ask if we could help and go and retrace our steps to see if Barney was anywhere to be found. She said the most likely place, was down the side of the bed in the apartment where they’d stayed.

I hurried up the hill, knowing too well how a little heart can break if its owner thinks their best friend is in danger or missing – and there, in the apartment, stuck down the side of the bed, was Barney.

Quickly strapping him into the front seat of my car, I lent him my shades and we hurried down to the villa – where James met him with cuddles and tears.

Aaaah! I love happy endings!

Category: Cyprus Villas News