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5th May 2021

A Tug of Love

It’s only been a few, tender days since we lost our beautiful Barney T Rubble but already, there is a ”tug of love” developing in the house!

The Hilltop Gang leader, Harry the Cuddler, is trying to move in on both Tony and I, with the aim of stealing affection and the most comfortable lap!

Brucie, who feels the ”throne” of , ”Animal of the Household”, belongs to him – because, after all, he oversaw the gentle car Barney was given before he gained his, hopefully reinforced Angel wings!

So there has been very BIG trouble over the past few days!

We thought stepping around a 60 kilo plus dog was difficult but trying to walk steadily through the equivalent of the M1 of crazy cats, is a nightmare! I’ve tripped on the stairs; lost my balance in the kitchen – and Tony almost deposited a full cup of hot tea onto Harry this morning because the cat was even jealous of Tony holding the cup!

I get that places to live comfortably, indoors, are rare for feral cats but deary me, there are going to have to be some ground rules around here if these two are going to continue to be in the vicinity.

Preferably the newly refurbished vicinity of the pool pump room, which has a cat flap, comfy beds AND houses their food!

Don’t get me wrong: I am fond of them all – though I refuse to get too emotionally attached to any furry creature right now. It hurts too much. They will be fed, cared for and watched over – but I don’t want the inhouse fighting!

The thing is, Harry has a person Mummy – and Brucie, we believe, also belonged to a home before ending up on the streets. So each know the comforts of home and want them…..

Which makes me feel terrible even considering not letting them get close so maybe the compromise is to meet halfway: we will snuggle in the garden and occasionally share a movie night!

Or, judging by the racket going on in our kitchen at the moment, maybe I’ll just give in and let them settle down and we’ll see what happens. Barney was quite fond of chasing them when he could – and they were very fond of teasing him. I can pretend it’s all carrying on as normal – though I’ll watch where I walk!

Keep safe and well x