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1st January 2010

A Truly Caring Profession

My Mum and Stepfather, Jim, come to stay in Cyprus every UK winter for up to 3 months. They’ve been doing this for the past 4 years and enjoy the weather/people/scenery- and health care. Sadly, every trip, Jim, now a still robust 83 year old, has suffered an unexpected and sometimes, life threatening, illness.

Thankfully, the doctors here are so committed to their patients that they make any illness or problem so much easier to cope with by their constant support and concern for the person they are treating AND their families.

This past 2 weeks, my Mum was rushed to hospital for tests and was terrified. Within an hour of being there, Mum and I were in hysterics, laughing at the doctor who was a born comedian and was doing everything he could to lighten Mums mood and get her to open up and talk to him so he’d REALLY understand. He wanted to know everything so he could, he said, make an informed decision about the person sat in front of him, not just her symptoms. Mum is now fine and on the mend.

To get his own back (only joking Jim!), we had to take Jim back to St Georges hospital as an emergency on Wednesday. It seemed he’d had another stroke and was struggling to see. Dr Efremis, who treats Jim, remembered him from 2 years ago and also remembered what had happened to Jim, so was there in an instant, sorting out treatment and checking everything. Thank God, its been a mix up on medicine due to Jim not taking his correct dose, rather than something more serious – but Mum was given the Docs new mobile number and told to ring him day or night – but definitely every 2 days for a week, just so the Doc knows Jim is okay…….

A friend of ours stayed here with us for a couple of weeks whilst he recovered from surgery and every night, at 7pm, Danny was instructed to ring the Doctor and give him an update on his day /recovery. The doc was often in the middle of his dinner but welcomed Dannys call and was genuinely interested/supportive…..

I hate my parents/loved ones/friends being ill but there is nowhere else I’d rather be than here close to Paphos , knowing the genuine care and treatment which is on offer. These medical professionals are most definitely shining lights in the profession they represent and my family thank them for their care.

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