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2nd November 2018

A true reflection?

Molly mou, our late tiny dog, used to ”chase the little dog in the mirror”, who seemed to copy Molly’s every move and got our little furry daughter quite upset! Matching move for move, the ”mirror dog” fought back – and it was hilarious!

This morning, I’ve walked Barney T Rubble up the hill, though it was almost TOO hot to do so and, when we got back to the gate where my car was parked, Barney spotted a ”big creature” following him so turned to ”stare him out”.

I had to laugh: Barney is a big dippy at the best of times but watching him stare at his own reflection in the door of my car in the sunshine, was very funny. He was not going to budge! Luckily, a ‘big scary bird”, flew overhead and caught Barney’s eye, so I was able to give him a little ‘pull” on the lead to get him walking again. Very funny!

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