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2nd March 2017

A tortoise tale!

Barney T Rubble is personally responsible for a very happy ending here on the hillside in Peyia! On Sunday afternoon, he was getting a little fractious as he ran back and forward on the edge of the garden, obviously upset about something.

I went to look, expecting to find one of his ”arch enemies”, Harry, the long haired cream cat whose purpose is to annoy Barney but no, it wasn’t Harry. It was a very fast and quite large tortoise, who was making his way down the hillside near our Carob Tree.

At first, I was so surprised, I just watched then I realized that this little creature was fast tracking towards the road and had to be stopped, so I headed down to the rescue!

Now, if you’ve ever ”walked” a tortoise, you’ll know they are not meant to be fast! This one was – VERY! As I cannot bend down easily at the moment and there was nothing to hang on to, I simply walked my little friend back up the hill , into the safety of a huge bush and put some ”bits” around the bush to try to keep him in while I went to get food and water for him. Poor little thing was panting in the heat!

Course, he feel asleep but not before Tony managed to photograph him, put the photos on Facebook and lo and behold, it turned out that the tortoise, Kawasaki is his name, was a much loved pet of a new neighbor who lives down the hill. This little fast terror had disappeared 3 days ago, climbing a long way up the hill to near our house and was probably half a day off disappearing forever into the forest!

Thanks to Barney watching him, Kawasakis mummy person coming with his doggy sister to get him out of the bush and a photo on Facebook, all is well and there is a happy little tortoise eating his favourite food , (strawberries) back at home!


Barney is watching the hill closely! Who knows what will appear next!  Come and enjoy life here in a holiday villa in a happy village!