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1st January 2010

a testing time

One of the horrible things about coming home to Peyia, is that I’ve found Alfie to be very poorly on my return. Tony hasn’t told me while I was in UK coz he knew it would upset me but our beautiful Alfie is very tired and very poorly – and , yet again, has had a horrible day at the vets having even more invasive tests done.

We’ve to wait 3 days now for the results to come back from the hospital and we are worried. With open sores now around his neck, in his ears and on his tum, he’s not eating and doesn’t want to stand up. The vet is still saying they’ll find out what it is and is sure there will be medication and I’m praying she is telling me it straight…….

I can imagine there are some people reading this thinking that he is only a dog – but he is our dog: magnificent, big hearted and the biggest gentleman dog you could ever met. Never has there been such a good natured, intelligent and gentle beast. He’s saved me from a fire in our home – and opened his heart, home and bowl to stray animals on many occasions…….he deserves the best and will get that in terms of treatment.

Tonight, he’s lying on our bed snoring and running a terribly high temperature. He can stay there for me – and we’ll sleep on Alfies settee.

Will let you know how things go. Fingers and paws crossed

Category: Cyprus Villas News