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10th November 2011

A tale of two pretties

So Gilly and Helen have been here with us almost one week and I don’t know where its gone!
Helen doesn’t “do” dogs but Jake does people so he has had a fabulous time, drinking her tea and wine, stealing her bag and book and sitting on her knee when he is tired.
Alfie , Molly and Charlie have behaved beautifully as normal. Only slight problem has been that Alfie isn’t too well so is a little smelly at the moment and likes to be hugged – so helen is rethinking her decision to get a pet when she gets home!
We’ve eaten out, eaten in, checked in guests to villas in Coral Bay and checked our guests in Peyia, so its been busy.

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to welcoming David and Heather back, this time to villa Bella in Coral Bay and to thanking the Rustons for their trust in us and waving them off from the beautiful villa Melanie in Coral Bay. Sadly, am also waving the ladies off, albeit by taxi as I’m working all day so cannot take them to the airport.
Gillys holiday has ended with a text from a mystery admirer, which has intrigued us all! She was so ready for a holiday , I hope the Cyprus peace and welcome has made her feel a whole lot better – and the text certainly brought a blush to her cheeks!

Lovely to have friends here- and selfishly, lovely to see them safely off home . tomorrow I’ll be in PJs, on the settee with all my animals and a good movie! Bliss!