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1st January 2010

a sunny slice of life

Its a beautiful day here in Peyia , Coral Bay. The sun is beaming down on the holiday villas and the lucky guests staying in places like, Apartment Isis.
Tony and I have just walked for an hour, along the seafront watching the waves crash, the surfers catching them and riding happily towards the shores. People are on the beach, families playing happily and some brave swimmers, actually in cozzies and in the sea! The waters are a wonderful deep green/blue but clear: we could see the rocks and the reef areas – gorgeous! We even found a couple of naughty naked bathers: over the age of consent too!
With tomorrow a bank holiday, the sun is very welcome and brings with it the warmth of smiles and people relaxing and enjoying this beautiful area.

It was a lovely walk though our hearts are heavy: Alfie was at the vets for this now daily treatment on a wound which just wont heal. I’ve given him a big talking too today: ie wagging his tail and laughing at everything isn’t enough: he HAS to get better…..

Luckily, Ani and Nicolas, Peyia vets, are the most special people and are showering Alf with love and care. I’m starting to think he loves them so much , he’s enjoying going daily : mind you, thats probably because of the fuss he gets when he comes home!

Ani and Nicolas have given up their day off today and are doing the same tomorrow, to help our precious Alfie. I’ll never find the words to thank them, whatever the outcome.

This is a very special village, made moreso by some of the people. Come and experience it for yourself. Checkout