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1st January 2010

A Sunny experience!

Sunny, the handsome groom who arrived with his family here in Peyia last night, made me laugh so much, I almost had an accident.
With their flight 4 hours late, Sunny and his family were a little stressed when we eventually got them into villas Pano Lofos and Caliteri in Peyia last night. Sadly, the delay meant the shops were all closed and the people were hungry. Regardless of time, I took Sunny and two of his family to Philippos supermarket which was in darkness,other than Islam who was concreting the front step. Islam kindly helped me out by letting the people go in to shop, simply asking them to avoid his new concrete step

But Sunny couldn’t help himself and put his best foot forward, straight into the concrete……..

Islam was wonderful and just washed Sunnys shoe then proceeded to reconcrete as we shopped.

I couldn’t stop laughing! The whole night had been like a farce, from the delay to sunnys family deciding they didn’t like Peyia car park so they proceeded up the Polis road – only we were waiting in the car park so another delay ensued…..

Costas, our friendly Peyia taxi driver, was helping some of the family and just couldn’t believe his eyes as the arrival fun continued. He’s asked for more evening work, especially connected to weddings. I’d offer him my job but I haven’t laughed so much for ages!

Roll on the wedding. Sunny has organised it all, bless him!

Category: Cyprus Villas News