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21st July 2019

A Sunday Song.

The bells in the village of Peyia, began to ring out at 6.30 am, which is their way. Barney T Rubble woke immediately and started to ”sing” his soulful song to accompany them before lying back down and snoring again.

7am and the ”duo” struck up again. Barney, more awake this time, ”telling more of a story”, with deep, melodic howls. It is one of the most lovely sounds in the world!…….however, I was now wide awake so had to get up……

The hill is really great early in the morning. No cars or people but plenty of life and things to make you smile. Barney and I got ready to walk and set off on our route: first stop, is the huge hole in the road, where Barney has a wee then stops awhile to surveil the lands.

Then the scary bit of the hill, which is steep – and where the feral hilltop cat gang hide in wait for us, jumping out at Barney before running off, leaving me fighting 65 kilos of enthusiastic play who wants to catch them.

Reaching top, is the time to take a huge breath and simply take in the view – which today, was added to by a small crew of dragonflies who were swooping us and playing a game for which only they had the rules!

There is a new ”cutting” through the hill. Sadly more houses are going to be built but at this stage, the soil temporary road, takes Barney and I over towards the ravine where we can sit and watch the world for a while…..beautiful views and peaceful landscape – for now!

Walking slowly back down the hill, Barney was calm and seemed to be smiling as he ”spoke” to our neighbours then checked under Tonys car to see if Harry Cat was hiding – but Harry was and Barney didn’t see him: he was too busy trying to work out who the big hairy beast reflected in the side of the car was!

Precious start to the day – now time for a cup of tea and to send out birthday wishes to Tony’s Brother, Mike , for today; Tom, our handsome nephew, for last week; The lovely Lorraine, again for today; Nicolas and Harry for yesterday and Rhona for her birthday , (and thanks for bringing the twins into the world 20 years ago). Of course, cannot overlook our beautiful niece Ginny, 23 yesterday – and very special wishes to our granddaughter , Gracie. Wishing that life is kind and filled with love, for each of you .

Happy Sunday!