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12th January 2020

A spirited thought?

When  I had a ”proper job”, which involved working in and runninc, commercial radio stations, no-one every questioned the magical way in which sound could travel, seemingly invisibly through the air and into a persons ears….

Of course, there were radio sets/receivers, transmitters, wires and now, digital technology etc – but a person could still walk through a room/down a street or into a shop and hear music or voices, in the ether.

I’m not able to or intelligent enough to explain the physics in  all of this but all I know is, that everything is vibrations – and much of radio transmission, is gathering this vibration and sending it out.

So why should it be any different that the souls of those who’ve walked the earth before us, can be heard in the whisper of the wind, or during a quiet moment? I don’t think there is any difference at all. As humans, we’ve simply conditioned our receptors, to hear more regular noise and take in the huge amount of distracting, intrusive media around us. There is little ”quiet time” when the natural vibrations around us, can be ”sensed” and ”listened to” – and I believe this is firmly our loss.

Cyprus, to me, is a healing island It’s an island filled with natural beauty, so very much history, some of which quite violent – but overall, an island of nature/warmth/believe and fundamentally good people. It feels creative, welcoming and inspirational , even at it’s busiest times in the summer.

This weekend, I’ve sat quietly , reflecting on the past weeks and the loss of people we love in our family. The pain is still there but I’ve felt the stirrings of peace as I’ve let the gentle calm wrap around me and simply started at the beauty of nature. As I walked Barney, I marvelled at how the wedding weed flowers were growing back pushing their way through the earth which was being dug up for new build. The skies were majestic I colour and cloud shapes. . The sea, relentess and hypnotic………….

We are but a tiny part of this incredible universe and , one day, I believe we’ll be able to tune in to all it has to offer and understand that thoughts really are living things – and that , importantly, love never does die: it’s energy simply transcends into the vibrations of the air around us and, when we least expect it, wraps us in it’s warmth and care.

A thought to consider? Certainly but for me, it’s reality. 

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