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1st January 2010

A special dogs special chance

I’ve been with Marie, Nickolas, our wonderful vet and Sprockett, Maries gorgeous dog, to the MRI scanning centre tonight. Sprockett has “wobblers disease” and needs to have , potentially, an operation on two parts of his spine, to give him the best quality of life. At 12, Marie is concerned that Sprockett is older than he should really be to go through this but Sprockett and Marie love each other so much, I don’t think the years matter – the love between them does.

It was very interesting watching the process. Nickolas was wonderful, travelling with Marie and Sprockett and I to the scanning centre. Sprockett got the best of care and love – and , fingers and paws crossed, will now have the necessary info he needs to take to his UK surgeon and have his operation performed successfully and quickly.

My heart goes out to Marie, who is torn apart wondering what is the right thing to do. The right thing is what she wants to do for the dog she loves – and she’ll do it. xx

On another precious doggy note, Molly mou had a couple of more stitches today. She’s a wriggler and had pulled two out so they had to be renewed. She came home groggy and tired – but is now snoring like a trouper, so all is not lost!

Nickolas and Annie came up trumps again for Marie and I today. They are FANTASTIC!

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