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11th May 2010

A spa day

Tony and I have spent today at a Spa and Therapy centre, sadly not to be pampered but with the purpose of testing their pools for them and helping them get the water completely balanced. It was great fun. The company was in Nicosia, so we were in the “big city” all day – and I just had to stop and shop!

The Spa Therapy centre is amazing. People of all ages from babies to those of golden years, are helped to better health and mobility with a series of water based exercises and great care. Thomas, who owns the centre, proudly showed us the whole set up and then took us to lunch to discuss his business. Like us, he is passionate about the cleanliness of swimming pool and spa water- so he and Tony got on like a house on fire

I loved the business aspect too- and relish Thomas introduction to the Human Resources department in the Govt here – but I also loved a very large store who make great knickers and let me spend on them, with abandon and without any hold back!

Perfect! Geezers and gussets! My sort of Friday