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1st January 2010

A smashing start to the holiday!

I checked a lovely mum and daughter into one of our gorgeous new holiday apartments at 3.15 pm today. They loved it as they should do – its really wonderful – and were only half listening as I went through the safety/local/practical bits with them. Assuring me they’d listened and all was well, I left them – and 5 mins later got an urgent call to go back as the 12 year old girl had, in her excitement, ignored the fact the patio doors were closed and had run through the lounge door, completely shredding her face, arms and legs in the process!

I don’t do blood but had to be brave coz her Mum is very nervous. Getting back to the apartment in minutes, we gathered T towels and towels and tried to stem the flow and I had to make the decision to drive to Paphos rather than wait for an ambulance……….

Mum was brave and daughter was fantastic till an asthma attack threatened to make this even more serious and Mum began to panic.

I can honestly say this was the longest, scariest drive of my life. I rang the hospital and asked them to be ready at the emergency entrance then said a silent pray for the safety and health of mum and daughter………….after what seemed like a lifetime, the docs took over; stitches and x rays were done/taken and Mum and daughter were safely tucked up in the Iasis Hospital.

Coming home a few minutes ago, I admit now to being ready to cry/faint and drink heavily – in no particular order.

Other than tell the holidaymakers to be careful, tell them again and then give it to them in writing – what can we do? Except become ambulance drivers/glaziers and very, very squeamish and quiet!

Thank god, all ends well in what could have been a terrible situation. Perhaps I can get a frequent visitors discount for the hospital now!l………. hope the need never, ever arises again!

Category: Cyprus Villas News