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1st January 2010

A slippery visit!

Am going to UK on Wednesday and preparations have begun. I’m a bit confused coz on the one hand there were snow drifts and I needed layers. Now I need a boat and set of oars for the floods! Its a little mixed up!

The only advice I’m going to take, comes from my completely barmy and favourite Welsh friend, who tells me to rub myself all over with fat, to keep me warm just in case. Tony and I have been practising this morning and its great fun, though weather it will keep me warm is another thing!

A great by product is that the grease fills the wrinkles and makes us look younger! Hoorah! Think I’ll combine this advice with that of a Cypriot friend and put strong, local olive oil onto my hair, leaving it for the flight so I arrive with beautifully soft hair.

Wearing layers over the smouldering fat and greased down smelly hair, will be SOOO helpful! Who’ll need speedy boarding to find a seat on my own? Not me!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News