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1st January 2010

A shrinking relationship

We were out with friends last night in the Mill, Peyia and had such a giggle. I have to say that these friends WERE NOT Susie and The Great Raymondodoulou!! This is just to save them any unnecessary blushes! No, these were other friends who were quite merry and made us giggle.

The lady was telling us that she’d had a boob reduction when she was in her late 40s. I laughed and said to her husband, “poor you!”. He just laughed back and said, “Its okay. I had a hand reduction at the same time………”

Reminds me of a very funny God and Eve joke which Tony won’t let me tell you on the blog – but suffice to say it beats the rib story!

Hope January is opening up beautifully for you all. Its still glorious sunshine in Peyia! 22 degrees today and we’re just off to Coral Bay to walk the dogs…

Category: Cyprus Villas News