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1st January 2010

A Secret Ceremony and not an invitation in sight!

There has been a lot of this going on recently: from private dinners to celebrity functions to one off “occasions”, people who should and could have been invited have found their invitations “lost in the post”…..

Such is the case today: The Great Raymondodoulou and Susie Floozie are, they tell us, attending a Very Important Occasion this pm, at a secret address locally, for the Ceremony of The Switching on of the Lights – and, added Susie, SHE is doing the honours!

Now, as the gathering may be many in numbers, I’m praying that she meant she was switching the lights on and not anything more sinister – but this is SF and anything is possible!!

Of course, I’d like to know, being as I’m the “Honorary Lady Peyia” according to The Great Raymondodoulou, where our invitation is!?…….local standards ARE slipping!!

We’re going out tonight with this “celebrity” couple and I’ve just had a text asking what I’m wearing….”Just casual” , I replied – NOT!! I said to myself as I mentally ran through my rhinestone clad Christmas glitter wear…..

Going out without us this pm, eh? They’ll be SooooooSorry!!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News