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1st January 2010

A sad end to Stotts Cat……….

I was so sad this morning, as I left our house and began to drive down the very quiet hill which only we and our neighbours use, to find Stotts cat who had been hit and killed by a car. The accident must have happened just minutes before I got there but this poor big pussy cat was no more..

As Tony is away today, I had no option other than to ‘do the necessary’ myself so I got our shovel and braced myself – but a kind hearted Cypriot digger driver who was working on the build nearby, came to my rescue with his truck and kindly lifted Stotts out of the middle of the road, taking care to ensure he stayed wrapped in the towel I’d put around him.

Without saying anything, the driver then gently laid Stotts on the hillside, near the trees and began to dig a small hole, into which he placed Stotts before covering him up……..I was overwhelmed by this mans kindness but couldn’t stop crying long enough to tell him……..

So Stotts is now at peace on the hill he loved and I’m trying hard to tell myself we did the best we could for him in the very short time we had with him ie only a few short months since he first made the move from feral cat, living on the hill and stealing Charlie cats food, to housecat loving cuddles, pillows and eating us out of house and home.

We just don’t know the moment – so I’m very glad I gave him a huge cuddle last night and told him that I was glad he’d chosen us as his people. Just wish the other people around us had been a bit kinder when they’ve obviously seen that they’ve hit this beautiful large cat and just left him for us to find…….

Very very sad day.

Category: Cyprus Villas News