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1st January 2010

A responsible job!

Alfie dog loves being “in big charge” and share his responsibilities with Molly, who is in “little charge”. Jake was feeling a bit left out so I’ve promoted him to being “In charge of The Thinking Step” at our villa in Peyia.

All was going well, with Jake taking to his new role with gusto but he’s taking it all a little too seriously now, stopping anyone coming up or down The Thinking Step unless they are either:
– Tony or I
– have a GnT to give him
– have a cup of tea with one sugar to give him
– have food to give him
– or , preferably, all of the above and will sit and cuddle him!

The dogs are such good workers, wish I could put one of them in “big charge of the ironing mountain”!

Category: Cyprus Villas News