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1st January 2010

A relaxing bath?

Margaret, Susie Fs “bezzie mate~” is here for a holiday and this wonderful lady brought me a great present: a gift box of The Sanctuary items. I couldn’t wait to try them, so tonight, with 2 hours to spare before checkin, I ran a bath and set to opening and testing the products…….

Jake couldn’t believe his eyes and Alfie walked away in disgust: my face was charcoal grey, being “thermally warmed” till the substance brought all the impurities to the surface – so I’m now very blotchy and spotty ready to check in at Villa Flora!

The salt body scrub was FANTASTIC – but it made me want to eat fish and chips, covered with sea salt and vinegar – and I don’t think that is what is supposed to happen!

Trying to get the bubbles to form (from the bubble bath!) in a bath full of lotions and potions, didn’t work either – not that I wanted to stay in there too long: I’ve learnt too much about what lurks in water now to want to spend time in it – but all in all, bathtime was wonderful, if not a little complicated trying to remember what to rub on what and for how long…….

My towels are now covered in charcoal stuff, as is my T shirt (I left a splodge on my neck) and my knees are sore from scrubbing them so hard to try to make them thin. Now am going to eat!…..

My skin feels wonderful, my spotty face is glowing and the towels will wash: bathtime was a HUGE hit – and cheered me up no end!

Thanks Margaret: you are a totally lovely and generous lady and I think you should live here fulltime. There is room at my house (and you can help me scrub the bath!) xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News