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1st January 2010

A regular visitor!

We’ve had a fab week with Bill, Jane and Therese. This morning, Jane and I went to Coral Bay to Kosmina Jewellers to buy her a diamond eternity ring,then had coffee, chilled a lot; checked a few of the new villas and their progress, before coming home to Peyia to have lunch.

On arriving home to our villa in Peyia, Jane proudly showed Bill her new eternity ring – and Bill proudly shared with us all that this is the first place he’s been on holiday where he has been able to keep “regular” without any tummy problems or extra water…………….!!

I personally feel so much richer for knowing this and thank our lovely island for its welcoming/healthy and reliable ways: life is full of moments and I’m delighted Bill has continued to have his, despite his personal attempts to assist in the volume sales of local beer!

Aaaaaaaaah! It makes you happy to have open and honest communication, doesn’t it?!

Should I put this as a selling point on our leaflets I wonder? ” Come to Cyprus – the island which continues to “move” you ……..”!

Category: Cyprus Villas News