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1st January 2010

a quiet night in?…..

Tony is in Larnaca for a few days, training some of the locals/ex pats how to clean swimming pool water safely and to EU standards
Much as I miss him, I was looking forward to a quiet night at home, eating what I like and watching what I like – but life has other plans!
I’ve returned from Villa Marina Sunset in Coral Bay to find that Jake wants to play – with my washing, which he is throwing in and around the pool. Alfie is watching but too quietly and I discovered the reason why when I went upstairs: Tony had forgot to lock our bedroom door so Alfie, knowing he’s not allowed in there, has gone in, wrecked the bits in the bin and poohed for Cyprus in our bathroom, wee-ing where he could no longer dump! That would be fine but Big Black Cat is in Charlies bed and won’t let Charlie in the window to get his tea – and Molly is snoring in front of the fire.
tony has left his “Dream Box” on Sky sports, so I cannot get any of the programmes I’d like to watch AND I forgot to buy a bottle of wine!…..

Think I’ll have a bath – only its stormy and I’ve forgotten to ring Darren to fix the element for the hot water!
Happy days! Am off to bed……..