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6th July 2011

A question of knowing….

Tony without Teeth is now happily settled in her ensuite twin room with patio and seaview, in the Royal Artemis Hospital. She has decided she will only be ill ever in Cyprus coz the staff are wonderful! Two days on , she knows everything about everyone on the staff – including their mothers maiden name. Bill is staying with her and loving it to.

Joan is getting better and better , thankfully . The food is, apparently, much nicer than at home: ours or hers , so she is happy.

Bill rang me last night when I was checking out guests from the lovely Villa Maria in Coral Bay, to tell me there was no GnT so could I bring some. I said that alcohol wasn’t allowed and he said, “Pardon, I cannot hear you “…. so I think I’ll just take GnT tonight anyway!

Susie F and The Great Raymondodoulou are being wonderful with offers of help for me with the dogs whilst Tony is away pool training. Susie loves the dogs and would rather look after them than visit TWT – and I cannot say I blame her. Hospital visiting isn’t wonderful for anyone – but am sure being in hospital isn’t wonderful at all!

I’d like Susie F and Joan to meet: both masters at getting info out of people, they’d be hilarious together; like a mastermind set trying to second guess each others Qs and As! Suppose Bill and I could just share a GnT and be done with it!

Anyway, at least she is getting better……..

Category: Cyprus Villas News