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1st January 2010

A question of fun

Tony arranged the questions for and MC’d last nights weekly quiz in The Mill. There’s been a bit of a do with the people who used to do the quiz, which includes dumping their 11 year old dog and running off with money – not good…………Anyway, last night was Tonys turn to help out. His questions were tough but fun – but some people, (who we’ll call Table X), weren’t too happy with some of the questions and disputed the answers. Luckily, my intrepid husband goes nowhere unless he is well connected and was able to look on the web, find the fact and show the questioners where the info was from/prove it to be right.

I pulled the role of collecting the papers in – which I thought would be fun but it was more like taking life in my hands negotiating the buckets on the floor which were collecting water from the leaking roof; not being paralysed by the stares from those who weren’t winning and climbing over the collection of chairs from people huddling to keep warm!

Luckily , the Great Raymondodoulou was there to cheer, laugh and , erm, eat most of the chips while pretending to know the answers, so all was well in the end.

No, Tony isn’t doing next weeks quiz. Or the one after
Or the one after that
Or Februarys

I think you get my drift!

Category: Cyprus Villas News