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1st January 2010

A Question of Balance

Its been a very interesting few days. The whole of the Cyprusvillas team whose jobs involve pool care and maintenance, have completed the next stage of their swimming pool care course – and passed with flying colours!

Local companies have mocked us for going to the expense of flying a highly qualified trainer from America to Coral Bay to teach us – but we know its worth it: not least because we have to care for YOU , the holidaymakers who come and stay in our villas and use the pools we care for!

Alex, the trainer, spent a great deal of time talking about the balance between chemicals and how different chemicals react with another eg alcohol and medicine! He also explained clearly how hair gets discoloured and reminded us that its not the chemicals in the pool which do this ( if the pool is clean and cared for ), its the chemicals ON the hair – but its always the pool which is blamed.

Another big one for us is new swimsuits discolouring – so Alex role played for us and showed us what a person does when they are going into the pool in a new swim suit: they put it on, breath in (sorry, thats just me), put suntan cream or oil on then either wipe their hands on their cossie, putting the lotion on their swimwear and that lotion reacts with chemicals in a clean pool – or they wipe their hands on their towels………then lie on the towels putting the lotion back on the swimwear which then goes into the pool, etc, etc, etc.

All very interesting!

The key thing for us is that we got a clean bill of health for our pools. Alex checked them and congratulated our team on their care and upkeep. We know they do all they can to maintain the pools but its great to have the praise for the work. The team do a great job and we are proud of them all!

We’ll keep on working hard for our villa owners and holidaymakers, probably harder than they ever know but we’re dedicated to our work and the care of the people we deal with. As the only company on Cyprus now who are officially qualified to this level for pool safely, we’re very happy to keep trying harder and harder for you…….

Gorgeous, value for money villas and clean pools, with safe water to swim in: a great balance in any holidaymakers books!