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1st January 2010

A public tribute

Tony and I went to watch Peyias football team play against ALKI yesterday. There was a huge crowd of local people, mainly Cypriot, there to support the village team. What was very touching was that, before the game began, the locals paid public tribute to two local men who died last week, one of whom was only 34…… wreaths and single flowers were laid at the photos of the men, who had both been ardent supporters of Peyia, as well as having been part of local families..

The team played badly but won 5-3, which was a good result. The atmosphere during the game was vibrant and very loud: the locals were all behind the team and the players must have felt totally wonderful hearing the supporters cheering them on.

What was also wonderful was that the crowd hushed to a very respectful silence as the widow of one of they young men who had just died, walked through the crowd carrying her flowers and thanking her friends and neighbours for their support.

People matter very much here: individuals are just that: unique and important. Yesterday was a reminder to us that we’re part of a great community – even if the team are only “on the road to greatness”!

We were very proud to have taken some villa owners, who have become friends, to this occasion yesterday. They saw first hand that they don’t simply own a lovely villa in a hot country; they are investors in a very real, living and “collective” community which deserves respect and admiration.

Peyia village is top of the league for us when it comes to Cypriot villages- and that’s our “offical” stance on this! Anyone who disagrees, gets a Red Card from us and can go home!

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