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15th February 2014

A prickly evening…

Barney T Rubble, Molly mou and I , had a lovely walk along the lanes just up from Yialos Taverna, near to  Spilies. It was a beautiful evening, made very special by walking towards the setting sun which was shimmering on the sea. The colours and the warm in the air were gorgeous!

Something at the side of the field on the left, caught my attention: worried at first that it may be a snake, I was nervous to look too close but did – and there was a very pretty little hedgehog, just out strolling in the evening sun and seeming happy to be keeping pace with us.

Barney got a little too close, so this tiny little creature literally ‘picked up her skirts’ and ran like crazy down towards a huge olive tree, where she disappeared into the tall grasses. Both the dogs wanted to give chase but I held them back but it was hard to stop smiling to myself at the site of the prickly little bundle who had the longest legs I’ve ever seen in comparison to her body size. I bet she was out of breath when she found her hiding place!

With the peacocks crying in the background, cats running across the field and the dogs happily trotting along, Mrs Hedgehog made a very lovely evening walk, even more special.

Cyprus is so beautiful!

Category: Cyprus Villas News