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1st August 2017

A person’s story.

Tony, my long suffering husband, tells me I’d talk to a tree . He gets both embarrassed and frustrated by the fact that I like people and love to hear what they have to say/learn about their lives and perspective on the universe.

I get that sometimes, in the business of the day or the heat of the sun, it’s not great to stop and chat to strangers/hear their fears etc but sometimes people need to talk – and  who knows if I’m the only person they’ve talked to all day? For me, it’s worth the effort.

For example, a few days ago, while waiting for Tony who was deeply involved in a business discussion with a man in Latchi, I was sitting quietly in my (temporary) wheelchair and this lovely young waiter, who’d been watching me in my ”loneliness”, came over to chat. As I was old enough to be his grandmother, I was chuffed that he pulled up a chair and we started having a real conversation, not a ”placating pat on the head old lady one”.

Explaining to me that he was Polish, had lived in Cyprus for 2 years but this was his last season, he was telling me what he loved about the island, his job as a waiter and what he was looking forward to. A very pleasant and people orientated person, I was surprised to learn that his dream was to work in Biotechnology, seeking to be behind the scenes, searching for ”things” that would help towards cures for key diseases in humans and animals. He didn’t want to study medicine but wanted to facilitate those who did. I was fascinated.

In the space of 5 minutes, we’ve travelled the globe, searched history and planned futures: so good to talk to him – and so encouraging that there are young people like him, who are so dedicated to hard work. (Now I sound ancient!).

Anyway, my point in talking is good. Learning is better and understanding is key!

I’d love to talk to you if you are considering coming to Cyprus , especially Coral Bay or Peyia, for a family holiday in a villa or apartment. We can discuss the joys of winter sunshine, booking early for 2018 or even a festive break! Teach me what you need from your holiday and let me understand how best to help you. With good teamwork, we’ll find the best for you! Just email to

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